2017 MEN's Teams

2017 WOMEN's Teams

Kent Bird
Don Frycz
Dean Cross
Carey Halovich
Mel Steffin
Brad Rebman
Bob Crocker
Matt Rebman
Darren Jarvis
Bobby Neid
Rob Hornsby
Josh Dyck
Kim Jaster
Sharon Turner
Verna Smith
Irene Brownlie
Leanne Andrews
Jenn Routliffe
Ashley Murray
Jaime Milward
Delta Thistle
Cathy Stewart
Caroline Koehler
LaraLee Courtier
Loretta MusselWhite
Delta Thistle
Neil Zambik
Sean Geall
Todd Nevens
Jeff Clay
Golden Ears
Jason Peckham
Evan Branter
Kyle Duncan
David MacDonald
Howe Sound
Brent DiMarzo
Jon Mullville
Shane Price
Mike Lonsdale
Golden Ears
Colleen Hannah
Lisa Speers
Lindsay Shannon
Cynthia Parton
Howe Sound
Brenda Sims
Jo-Anne Hoyrup
Donna Kirkham
Elvie Sims
Donna Christian
Cathy Chapman
Lori Johnson
Leigh Lonsbery
Kevin Jeannotte
Carl Labreche
Jonathan Sypal-Kohout
Ernie Daniels
Reuben Bartlett
Chris Gomes
Marty Perry
Wayne Nurse
Mission Granite
Dick Sather
Per Larsen
George Ferguson
Fred Gledhill
Kenna Roald
Miki Endo
Tammy Cameron
Laura Fines
Mission Granite
Donna Kraakman
Paula Kent
Cindy Campbell
Lori Plamer
Peace Arch
Linda Palm
Toni Taylor
Susan Loken
Fiona Mulligan
Peace Arch
Larry Macdonald
Ed Jaehrlich
Andrew Ashton
Calvin Paul
Port Moody
Steve Hyndes
Dave Graham
Gary White
Dave Whitaker
Rob Dennis
Doug Kilborn
Kelly McQuiggan
Jim Graham
Port Moody
Tracey Crawford-Smith
Grace Swaziland
Judy Wynes
Patty Jameson
Kim Dennis
Heather Beatty
Dawn Mesana
Jenn Gauthier
Royal City
Lindsae Miller
Dana Page
Emily Miller
Bailey Andrichuck
Royal City
Will Sutton
Mark Bradshaw
Bruce Currie
Doug Duffin
Tunnel Town
Cody Tanaka
Carter Brown
Corey Davidson
Bob Scowcroft
Andrew Forrest
Andrew Gray
Dave Marchant
Kris Davis
Tunnel Town
Pam Langham
Charlene Nunes
Kathleen Chan
Lynn Hope







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